Bowls of happiness

Had a busy couple of months with travelling and whatnot, so I've been eating out a hell of a lot. Chipotle and in 'n' out became my vices for a while. Cause lets be honest they're incredible! Back to the healthy-ish eating for a while though because I'm trying to cut down on costs so I can save more for my America road trip in a few months.

Yesterday I opted for a simple salad for lunch and then a pasta dish for dinner.
Today I made a rice dish with lots of exciting additions.

Starting we the salad we had a mixture of greens; spinach, kale and chard mixed with pancetta, feta and mini heirloom tomatoes and topped with a lime olive oil that I picked up in Napa.

Super quick & easy, perfect for a lunch on the go.

Pasta, as we all know, is one of my favourite things to consume in the world.
So to make things a little healthier, I opted for a quinoa spaghetti type of pasta. And due to my philosophy pretty much being if it looks a little healthier, you can eat about 5x more of it... it had to be done. (Do not quote me on that, as lets be honest it's probably not true and me just being my inner fat self). It's a quantity and quality aspect all meshed into one!

This beautiful dish consisted of:
lots of quinoa spaghetti
1 avocado
1 clove of garlic
crumbles of feta cheese
mixed greens (spinach, kale, chard)
mini heirloom tomatoes
& love - also know as green pesto

Now onto today's dish.
I had to get up early for a meeting so I didn't have time to eat breakfast, because I prefer sleeping to waking up early and making food (judge me, I don't care). So I got up, jumped in the shower, chucked on some clothes and ran out the door.
When I got back I was so hungry, I think my stomach was starting to eat itself.
So I rustled up this bad boy..

Under my jalapeƱo-d egg, we have a rice concoction.
mixture of black, brown and red rice
pieces of pancetta
mini heirloom tomatoes
green mix (spinach, chard, kale)
half an avocado
sprinkled with seasoning

Stay happy & healthy everyone.
And remember, the healthier you eat, the more you can eat. 
Those are words to live by if ever there were, right? 
Just kidding... or am I? 


Meatless Monday

I had a big avocado day today.
I realised they were going to go bad within the next few days and then decided I just had to use them all. Monday's have become known on social media as a "meatless" day, now I'm not into the fad every Monday, but I didn't actually have any meat in the house so figured I'd just go for it.

That is one beautiful avocado, if I do say so myself.

For lunch we started with a rice dish.
Wild rice, combined with roasted pine nuts, pesto, spinach and mini heirloom tomatoes.
Topped with avocado (yum), greek yoghurt, cilantro, chili flakes and a splash of trader joe's finest habanero sauce. Because I love to spice up a meal.

It's simple. The most difficult aspect is the length of time rice takes to cook.
The wait is unbearable. (don't mind me, I'm just obsessed with food)

I still had another avocado left at dinner, so I went for a bowl of Avo-Pasta which I've linked up for you just there. Here are some pictures to keep you occupied until you eventually go ahead and try the recipe.

Avocados though. The finest green.

Avo-Pita, the new Avocado Toast.

Avocado toast!
Probably one of the biggest fads right now. Let's be honest, avocados are pretty much heaven on earth. They make some of the greatest treats, including, but not solitary to guaca-guaca-mole. I've tried it, I love it, so I figured I'd go ahead and make a few versions of it for myself.

Instead of toast, I decided to use pita bread. Wild change of pace I know, but trust me, you'll love it.
So, I couldn't decide on just one favorite way to make my Avo-Pita, so I went with four variations; avocado and a fried egg with chili flakes, avocado topped with charred cucumbers and tomatoes, avocado with mozzarella, and avocado with pesto and vegetables. Personally, I love the fried egg option, because avocado and egg are pretty much a dream combination.

Ingredients for these are:
2 wholemeal pita breads
10 sugar plum tomatoes
6 slices of cucumber
1 avocado
1 spoonful of pesto
2 slices of mozzarella
1 fried egg
Olive oil
Sprinkle of chili flakes

To begin with, heat up your frying pan onto medium-high heat.
Place your pita bread inside and allow it to heat up.

Once it has heated up, put it aside and put a tiny bit of olive oil into your pan and swirl it around. Fry your egg up in the pan until you get that perfect fried egg. Whilst your egg is cooking, cut up your tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado.

Use half of the avocado for this pita and evenly distribute it over the top.
Cut the pita bread in half and place your fried egg on one half.
Then add your tomatoes and cucumber slices to your frying pan and char them for a couple of minutes. Place half of the charred vegetables onto your pita bread and leave the other half for your second pita.

How beautiful does that first set look?

Now, onto the second pita. 

Heat up that pita bread and spread your avocado on your heated pita.

Mix your leftover tomato and cucumber slices with the pesto sauce and place that on top of the first half of your pita bread. On the second pita, break up your mozzarella into pieces and throw them onto your second half. 

It's as easy as that! 

Don't forget to "yum" this recipe on yummly where you are able to find other great recipes. Happy eating ❤️